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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Favorite 2011 YA Reads So Far

Even though I'm severely behind on reading due to my wedding in April (and all the stress that goes along with moving into a new house) I have managed to pick a few favorites so far.

#1 The Gathering by Kelley Armstrong

This book was a major surprise. I imagined that Armstrong would do a second trilogy but i had no idea it would follow the last series so quickly. Here we have another girl Maya with a supernatural form that is a little different than the general shift-o-change-o werewolves that are pouring onto the shelves . Although not very different from what we are use to seeing in paranormal YA you can still enjoy Armstrong's strong writing.

#2 DIVERGENT by Veronica Roth

I would like to give a big congrats to Veronica Roth on her debut novel DIVERGENT.
I can't think of many who pushed themselves as hard you have. I LOVE to see people
who I've witnessed develop their talent make it to the shelf so yay! yay! yay Vero! :) . Divergent is a dystopian about sixteen-year-old Beatrice who must choose a 'faction' they will commit themselves to for the rest of their lives. Yes. I know. I'm not one for dystopians but I can make a BIG exception for this gem.

#3 Invincible Summer by Hannah Moskowitz

Yes! I admit it! You have me! I have a huge fan-girl crush on Hannah Moskowtiz. So much so that I called the bookstore where my husband and I honeymooned in advanced so I could have a copy of Invincible Summer waiting for me the day it came out. I spent many nights that week on a mountain top in a hot tub reading Invincible Summer. A contemporary YA novel about Chase and the four summers of his high school life. A story so realistically sad that it stuck with me for days but one I still enjoyed. On a happy note I am so TWEAKED for her next book Zombie Tag coming in December.

Next post I will list the three YA books we have all (well most) been waiting for and give you some feedback on why I'm so stoked. :) Thanks for reading.