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Sunday, June 20, 2010

White Cat By Holly Black

On a recent trip to B&N this book came as a wonderful suprise. Having recently become a fan of Holly Black's Tithe series I was hungry for more, and didn't have to wait long.
White Cat is the first of Black's new Curse Worker's series, about boy named Cassel who belongs to a family of magical mobsters. Props for 1) Having a male protagonist, 2) That protaganist not having a girl next door love interest 3) haveing another cast of super engaging chararacters that has become Black's hallmark and 4) Trying a first person pov. At first this threw me because Holly Black is known for 3rd person but I was very happy with the change and I think she pulls it off better than 3rd even.
Cassel is the black sheep of the family, he can't work curses like his two brothers, and being the youngest he often feels left out. His past is marred by a terrible truth. He murdered his best friend Lila four years ago. As the story goes on the reader is easily sucked into Black's world. Cassel's character is such a nice change of scenery for the same old goody two-shoe main character we are so use to seeing.
This book is filled with twists and turns and keeps your head spinning. When you think you have figured it out you are mistaken and the book goes into a different direction. I'm not sure if this would be Paranormal YA or Dystopian because it is set in our world and society is based around the world Black has created. Either way, make sure you pick this one up. It is sure to be one of summer's bests!

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  1. Ooh sounds exciting to me, I might have to pick up a copy as a reward for finishing exams :D Thanks for the review!