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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mom and Pop Bookstores

(Above Cavalier House Bookstore)
So I was hanging out in Denham Springs this past week and decided to drop by the Antique Village. What can I say? I have an affinity for junk and dusty books. When I rounded the corner I didn’t get a chance to go further than the first store. To my left were books in a large picture window and I have to say I was shocked because Southern Louisiana isn’t a place where people read.

The bell on the door made a jingle-jangle when I stepped in the door and I looked around half expecting an ancient man or woman to be behind a counter with a book in hand. The place wasn’t dusty it was very clean and I was met with the smile from another young woman perhaps a year or two my senior.

We had a nice chat and the best part of it was? They had a Young Adult section! No, it wasn’t as big as the one at B&N but it did have a nice selection. She even informed me that they could order any book I wanted and hey, that saves gas money, so I ordered Dirty Little Secrets by C.J. Omololu. (Yes, I will post a review when I’m finished, promise.)

So about the title, what is a Mom and Pop bookstore you ask? Mom and Pop is a term coined to mean a personal business, generally the locally owned stores in your city or town that often fall prey to chain outlets (Walmart, Home Depot, in this case Books-A-Million and other book store giants). When you support a Mom and Pop bookstore you help the economy and hey, that benefits everyone.

First blog contest presented Monday, make sure you check back so you can have a chance at winning a few shiny YA books to add to your shelf!


  1. Can I just say I love that door? :D

    And yes, Mom and Pop bookstores are the BEST. They have this great book-loving feel to them that's unmatched. It sucks that my town's infested by B&N's (although I love me some chain stores too).

    Also, yay for contests! :)

  2. Don't get me wrong, I like chain stores but I try to help out Cavalier Books when I can. I'm posting the info on the contest Monday, would love for you to come and check it out :D